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Q. Are you ready for a new future?

Q. Are you ready to Disarm your inner saboteur?

Q. Are you ready to leave self-limiting beliefs in the past?

Q. Are you ready to gain more clarity about your life?

Q. Are you ready to rewrite your story?

Alan Campbell- Bates

I specialize in rapid and lasting transformations to the

lives of my clients.

By providing you with a deeper understanding of what has held you back for so long, we can begin to write

a new script for your life

and program your subconscious mind for the success you desire.

Rapid Transformational Therapy® 'RTT'

combines the positive aspects of Physiotherapy, CBT, NLP, and hypnotherapy which can help clients gain powerful insights into their subconscious hangups.

Because when we truly understand what drives our behaviours we can re-frame those experiences and replace them with new empowering beliefs that will support our goals and ambitions.

We all face challenges in our lives and at times can feel stuck,

forever going around in circles,

just repeating the same actions over and over again

But it does not have to be this way!

In just 1-3 sessions with me you can finally understand

what has been holding you back and stopping you from having the life you desire.

R.T.T. therapy will help you discover

real lasting confidence

and empower you to

reach your full potential.

Choose A Plan To Suit Your Needs

30-Day RTT program

This 30-day program will help you rediscover your true Confidence and Self-Belief, gain Clarity for your future, and change old bad habits for new empowering ones. Rapid Transformational Therapy lets you leave your fears and doubts behind and rewrite your story.

What does the package include

A 30 min Clarity Call

1x 2hr Deep RTT Session

A Personalised Reset Recording

40 min coaching follow-up call

Email Support for 30 days

Unstoppable RTT Success


This unique program allows Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Freelancers to Overcome Self Doubt, Procrastination, and Mental Blocks that are stopping their success, Ignite their True Potential and Achieve their Personal and Business goals in 90 days or less without Stress, Confusion, or Overwhelm.

What does the package include

30 min Clarity Call

3X Deep RTT Sessions

3 Personalised Reset Recordings

6 Clarity Coaching sessions

Email Support for 90 days

Unstoppable RTT Success Blueprint with 6 Months Coaching

The Unstoppable Success Blueprint Program, combined with ongoing monthly Transformational Coaching, enables you to keep working on your profound insights and to perceive your new reality from a fresh perspective. The conscious and subconscious minds will collaborate harmoniously through one-on-one coaching sessions to unlock your limitless potential.

What does the package include

30 min Clarity Call

6X Deep RTT Sessions

Personalised Reset Recordings as required

Monthly Coaching sessions


Full Email Support


"You are amazing. I have understood more about myself in 2 hours than I ever understood in the last 20 years. Thank you so much for your help. You have made a massive impact on my life. I am incredibly thankful for your help and patience"

Lesley Pratt

"Alan is fantastic! I am in the USA and had a session with him Via Zoom. It was so on point. I hear his voice everywhere I go now, and I am actually excited to listen to the audio he made for me! How I feel about my life is different now, and my relationship with myself is expanding to a place I have always dreamed of. I can feel it in my bones. This is it. Looking forward to a brighter future.

Thank you again, Alan, you are amazing."

Grisel De Farias

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